Sending Trophies To Us

Sending Us Trophies

Contact Us Before You Ship

Please contact us before you send us a shipment so we will be expecting it. We will notify you when it arrives

Shipping Frozen Items

Only send frozen wildlife on Monday next day air or second day depending on ambient temperature. Ship via UPS, FED-EX, or parcel post.

Wrap several layers of paper towels around frozen birds or small mammals before placing in a plastic bag. This will absorb condensation and aid in keeping your trophy in good condition. Lay old bath towels in bottom of bag for larger game to absorb condensation from frozen trophy.

Place in inexpensive cooler and insulate with newspaper to fill empty space. If Styrofoam cooler is used, place inside of cardboard box to protect cooler from getting crushed during delivery.

Shipping Migratory Birds

Always place packing list on inside and outside of box. This is required by state and federal fish and wildlife. MIGRATORY BIRDS must have an ID tag for EACH bird with the hunters name, address, phone number, date collected, where collected, and your signature. Please use an index card for this.

Shipping from Alaska

Valuable trophies need immediate attention and you should consider having a taxidermy studio flesh and salt your trophy before sending it to us. This way you won’t have to freeze your trophy and pay the extra weight. We recommend using D&C Expediters to flesh and salt your trophies.

D & C Expediters
1200 East 76th Avenue, Suite 1228
Anchorage, AK 99518
Telephone: 907-344-9719
Fax: 907-344-9068
E-mail: [email protected]

When Hunting Outside of the United States

All client shipments come directly to our tannery through WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics to save you shipping from an import company to the tannery. Shipping crates need to read like this:

Hunters name: ______________
Houston Fur Dressing
18535 Imperial Valley Dr
Houston, Texas 77037
c/o WELL Worldwide Logistics Inc
Lynette Lilly
[email protected]
(281) 606-2400
Houston International Airport USA
Taxidermist: Dave Noem
For the next section titled “Shipping Birds from Outside the United States” please replace text with:

Shipping Birds from Outside the United States

All birds shipped into the United States need to be sent to a USDA approved establishment.

Please send these to:

Gunners Taxidermy
Owner Harry Whitehead
121A Dewey Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 881-1594

Contact us (859-384-1335) to get started today!