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Noem’s Wildlife Artistry 

Dave Noem, Owner

Certified International Master Taxidermist


Dave Noem started his life’s work at the tender age of 8 years old, mounting squirrels. By age 15, he had started his taxidermy business, serving neighbors and friends. With over 35 years of experience, Dave has pioneered unique methods in carcass casting, molding artificial parts, and eye angles.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Union, Kentucky, Dave’s studio is forever full of works in progress and masterpieces awaiting pickup. Owing to the personal and unique nature of taxidermy, no two pieces are ever the same. When you bring him your harvest, Dave listens first and then asks questions. “I don’t want to push anyone toward one pose or look; I do want to learn about the space where they intend to display it to ensure it fits and portrays the animal in the most appropriate manner,” says Dave. With decades of experience and an eye for detail honed from extensive time spent studying each animal in their natural habitat, Dave vigilantly attends to the smallest facets, achieving the most life-like results. His workload routinely includes an even mix of African and local North American prizes (deer, birds and waterfowl), as well as, large game from around the

Dave’s work can be found in many museums and nature centers around the tri-state area including…

  • Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, where he mounted all mammals that migrated from
    South America to North America as well as other assorted mounts including a Sumatran
    Rhinoceros previously on display at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens,
  • Cincinnati Children’s Museum, including many original sculpted small mammals and the skeletal
    assembling of a large Aldabra Tortoise with molded and hand carved bones to replace destroyed
  • Salato Museum at Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Headquarters, including the mounting and designing
    of flying waterfowl and other songbirds in the entry way,
  • and Behringer-Crawford Museum, which features assorted owls and other wildlife.

Outside of his studio, Dave carves out time to judge taxidermy competitions, give seminars and workshops on the art, and even teach taxidermy to others in exotic locations including Africa, Holland, and Hawaii. He has won innumerable awards at state and international levels, the most noteworthy accomplishment being that he is one of only eleven taxidermists to ever win the International Grand Masters Award, the most difficult accomplishment within the industry.

Dave Noem is a lifetime member as well as Master Measurer for Safari Club International and past president and board member for the International Guild of Taxidermy. Allow Dave to create a masterpiece for you, and experience the fine art of a master taxidermist.

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